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FAQs or common questions from our customers answered quickly.

In the course of project development, questions of a technical, financial and legal nature regularly arise. Thanks to our many years of know-how in the project business, we can support you with these questions. Here you will find questions that our customers ask again and again and our professional perspective on them.

If you have any further questions, please contact our experts for the relevant topic directly.

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Frequently asked questions
of our customers


Frequently asked questions
of our customers

We have specialized in open-space photovoltaic systems. Over the last 20 years, we have been able to implement projects with around 300 MWp of output at almost 50 locations nationwide. However, planning and construction of roof systems are not part of our services.

Yes! Areas on which a ground-mounted PV system can be built generate very high rental yields, which are usually significantly higher than the conventional yields and rental income from purely agricultural use. And that for at least 20 years. Without risk and with annual payout. With PV on your open space, you can utilize all potential and increase your profits.

Basically any open area that is not built up, not a forest and not a biotope. Well-suited areas are fields, fields, grassland areas, meadows or conversion areas. In almost all federal states there are special opportunities for land in agriculturally disadvantaged areas.

You can build an economical open-space photovoltaic system from around 10 hectares. But this also depends on other factors, such as the nature of the ground or the cable route to the next feed point. We check all of this quickly and reliably for you.

In any case! It is quite normal that the area for a solar system can be on several properties belonging to different owners. We would be happy to take a look at your area and take care of securing neighboring properties.

The entire planning, the approval process with the participation of the public and various authorities, and finally the construction of the facility is extensive, cost-intensive and requires a lot of experience. We take over all of this effort on the way to the solar park for you.

We offer you an above-average lease offer that is significantly higher than the typical regional agricultural lease. It is also possible to purchase the space.

Since every project and every area is unique, an automated return or lease calculator cannot provide any real guidance. We offer you to create an individual offer for your area. The offer is of course free of charge and can usually be created after two working days. For an initial estimate, we only need the location of the area on an aerial photo, a field map or GPS coordinates.

No, absolutely not. You are sure to get the agreed rent. Solar-konzept covers all other costs for project development, the approval process and construction.

Before construction work begins, a guarantee is deposited to ensure that the costs of dismantling are covered at the end of the lease term. This provision ensures that the system can be removed without any problems and that the area is available for alternative uses. There is also the option of leaving the photovoltaic system to the lessor for continued operation.

Once the system is completed, a colourful variety of native plants will grow in the spaces between the solar modules, providing food for insects, farmed bees and wild bees.

The areas on which the systems are erected are separated by a fence that is permeable through a gap in the ground, making the solar area an ideal retreat for birds, amphibians and other small animals.

It is also possible to keep sheep on the area, creating a completely unique ecological environment.

This gives the agricultural land plenty of time to recover and provides a secure livelihood for many animal and plant species and a good income for the owners.

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