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Leasing to a medium-sized company

Attractive lease, experience and trust – As a medium-sized company, we can quickly find the right, individual solution for you. We are your partner from the idea to the operation – fair, trustworthy and transparent. Personal support is our focus, as we, as a medium-sized company, can respond flexibly to the needs of our partners.

As a landowner, it is particularly worthwhile for you to lease to us, because we offer you an above-average attractive lease offer with inflation protection. Our concept for long-term high returns ensures a win-win situation for landowners and the environment. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us directly and unbureaucratically.

In addition to the economic aspects, environmental protection is also important to solar-konzept GmbH. We are the first signatory to the “Good Planning” initiative from the Federal Association of New Energy Industries, a voluntary commitment to fair treatment of all project participants such as property owners and the community, as well as to improving biodiversity on the land. Together with us, you can do something good for nature and your wallet!

We are primarily looking for areas of 8 hectares or more, along railway lines/highways, sealed areas, agriculturally disadvantaged areas and soils with poor yields. Large solar parks can then be built on these areas and generate electricity from solar energy.

Contact us or let us check your area right away:

Lease to a medium-sized company
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